WebEDIFACT®™- Getting Started

WebEDIFACT®™ is a web-based portal enabling suppliers to exchange electronic documents


WebEDIFACT® enables you as a supplier to receive
purchase orders (ORDERS) from your EDI partners.
You can similarly send order confirmations (ORDRSP),
shipping notifications (DESADV) and
invoices (INVOIC) to your EDI partners.

This tutorial walks you through the main features of WebEDIFACT.

Logging in

Navigate to the https://webedifact.com/ website.

To log in, enter the username and password you received when registering and then click Login.

You see the main navigation bar at the top.

All purchase orders received from your EDI partners display in the INBOX.

The messages (such as order confirmations, shipping notifications or invoices) scheduled to be sent to your EDI partners are processed in the OUTBOX (you do this after generating the messages; see below for more).

All messages that you receive and send are kept in the ARCHIVE.

You manage your information such as article and address data under MASTER DATA.

Master data

Click MASTERDATA in the main navigation bar.

First, check your company information. To do this, click My address.
Previously entered company information displays.
Change the information as required and then click Save.
Tip: The most important details are Name 1 and VAT identification number (VATIN)
Enter your article master data.
To do this, click MASTER DATA in the main navigation bar and then My articles.
You now see a summary of all of your saved articles.
To add a new article, click Create New Article.
  1. Enter the article details.
  2. Enter your customer’s article details.
  3. Finally, click Save and...
  4. then My articles


Now we look at how to manage incoming messages in the inbox.
To do this, click INBOX in the main navigation bar.

Here you see an example containing three purchase orders.
This means that your customer sent these three orders together in one file.
Click the magnifying glass icon for a closer look at a purchase order.
Here you see all of the order information.
Click the header of the box for one of the partners to see the partner’s address.
To print your purchase order, click Print...

A print dialog displays, allowing you to print out the purchase order.
Depending on your browser and how your operating system is set up,
you can also convert the message to a PDF file.

You can keep the purchase orders in the inbox as long as you wish.
When you finish processing an order, you can use the command
Move to archive.


The archive is for long-term storage of your documents.

Generating an invoice

Click INBOX in the main navigation bar.
Click the magnifying glass icon for a closer look at a purchase order.
To generate an invoice from an existing purchase order,
select the Invoice from the list
and then click OK.

A new invoice is generated.
Data including EDI partner addresses and items
are copied from the order to the new invoice.

The purchase order is automatically moved from the Inbox to the Archive.
Now complete any empty fields.
When you have entered all the details, click Save.

A plausibility check is done of the invoice when saved.
Any errors display at top.

Complete any necessary information or make any corrections and then again click Save.
Once the invoice is correct, the Send button appears at top.
Click Send... to despatch the invoice.
After checking the details, click the Send button at bottom.
The sent invoice now displays in the Archive.

Generating an empty invoice

You can of course create an invoice for a purchase order not yet in the system.

To do this, click OUTBOX in the main navigation bar. .
Now click Create New Document
Click the button for the EDI partner to receive the invoice (file recipient).
Click Invoice.
Now complete any empty fields.
When you have entered all the details, click Save.

This tutorial has shown you how to process an invoice.

The same method can be used to generate, process and send order confirmations and shipping notifications.

View the WebEDIFACT® – shipping notification tutorial to find out how to create shipping notifications including shipping units.

Automated email notification

WebEDIFACT gives you the option of receiving email notification on incoming purchase orders.

To activate the option, click MASTERDATA
in the main navigation bar and then select the option
E-mail notification on incoming transmissions.
Check the box next to Activated
and enter the recipient’s address in the Email field.
Click Save to save the settings.

Thank you for your attention!

If you have any questions about WebEDIFACT®™, call us at +49 (0)821 24659-0 or write us at info@edicenter.de

®™ WebEDIFACT is a registered trademark of EDI Center GmbH, Neusäß, Deutschland