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WebEDIFACT®™ 2020 – for wholesale and retail and the automotive industry

WebEDIFACT®™ is a web-based solution that enables small and medium-sized enterprises to send digital documents (e.g. EDI invoices) to business partners and to similarly receive documents (e.g. EDI orders) from these partners.

EDI messages (e.g. EDIFACT-ORDERS) that we receive from your customers or suppliers are automatically converted into a readable format and saved to your inbox.

With the help of a turnaround process, you can generate other messages, such as invoices, from any document received.

We do the rest for you in the background. Our system converts your invoices ‘invisibly’ into precisely the EDI messages your EDI partners require.

This means that you give no thought to the format – whether EDIFACT, VDA or XML. We generate the message your business partner requires.

Our automotive industry clients can generate and print out VDA labels to the VDA 4902 and VDA 4994 standards.

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