WebEDIFACT®™ 2023for wholesale and retail and the automotive industry


Electronic Data Interchange

WebEDIFACT®™ is a web-based solution that enables small and medium-sized enterprises to send digital documents (e.g. EDI invoices) to business partners and to similarly receive documents (e.g. EDI orders) from these partners.

Automatic Conversion

EDI messages (e.g. EDIFACT-ORDERS) that we receive from your customers or suppliers are automatically converted into a readable format and saved to your inbox.

Data takeover

With the help of a turnaround process, you can generate other messages, such as invoices, from any document received.

All EDI formats

With only a few click you can send e.g. invoices to your EDI partners. Our system converts your invoices into precisely the EDI data format your EDI partners require.


Our automotive industry clients can generate VDA 4902 and VDA 4994 labels in PDF format and print them out.


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Here you find out more about EDI and the EDICENTER.


This EDICENTER tutorial explains the operation of the WebEDIFACT® system in just a few steps.

Here you will learn what variants of shipping notifications are available (with and without SSCC, different shipment structures etc.), and how to edit them in WebEDIFACT®.

Learn how to combine several orders (ORDERS) into a collective delivery note (DESADV) and how to later create an invoice per order from a collective delivery bill

The visibility of the form fields can be set flexibly in WebEDIFACT. Read more about how to specify displayed form fields in WebEDIFACT